4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dr. Jana Sims says:

    I’m most interested in your work Amanda and was coming to your seminar at IHR today. My researches involve Mechanics’ Institutes in the south east and I’m presently writing a book based on my PhD thesis. One chapter is dedicated to women at the MIs and how they managed to gain entry to these male dominated citadels. Using the census/newspapers/MI archives, I’ve uncovered surprising evidence that contradicts some of the traditional views of women’s lives and work. Please can you let me know of papers/books you’ve published so that I can read about your work.

  2. Dear Amanda,
    I am researching the artificial flower makers who lived in the John Grooms orphanage and “crippleage”; do you have any references you could suggest? Many thanks, Cynthia Pelman

  3. Iva P. says:

    I just discovered this interesting website. I’ll return for more reading. Good job! 🙂

  4. Lorraine brown says:

    On my great great grandmothers death certificate it said she was formerly a stewardess. This was in 1877 London. She was very poor. Can’t find info on this for this time period. What do you think?? Ship?!

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